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"Aim for perfection in everything you do.

Take what's best and make it better.

If it doesn't exist, create it."
Sir Henry Royce

A long term vision

HABITO has been able to mantain a family spirit, which considers a long-term vision a priority. Our vocation is to ensure the development providing all the necessary resources to design, produce and market products and services defined by excellence and the highest quality.

Tradition and craftmanship

HABITO is the custodian of an unparalleled heritage of craftmanship, and take great care in protecting and developing savoir-faire that has sometimes been passed on for centuries. Preserving these crafts and their traditions is essential to the enduring success of HABITO. The skills of our artisans guarantee the excellence that goes into crafting our products. This savoir-faire constitutes a unique, intangible heritage that lies at the heart of owning a unique artifact. However, preservation does not mean stasis and nothing can be preserved without renewal and modernity.

Shared values

Looking for innovation

Innovation is part of our DNA. Over the years, it has ensured our presence on the market, confirming its legitimacy. The combination of tradition and innovation ensures a delicate balance, necessary to renew our offer with an eye to the future, always in full respect of our heritage.

Deliver excellence

At HABITO we never negotiate on quality. Since we represent the universe of craftsmanship in its purest and most complete form, we pay particular attention to detail and perfection. From the product to the service, our difference is based on this continuous search for excellence.

Cultivate entrepreneurship

HABITO promotes efficiency and responsiveness, as well as stimulating individual initiative by entrusting each person with important responsibilities. Our entrepreneurial spirit encourages risk-taking and perseverance. It requires a pragmatic approach and the ability to motivate teams by guiding them towards the achievement of ambitious goals.

Architettura moderna Concrete

Operating in the market as a general contractor, we are fully involved in all phases of the work: from the evaluation of the area, to the design, construction, up to the 'turnkey' delivery.

A role of coordination and total responsibility - carried out also by relying on the collaboration of specialist companies and external consultants with proven skills - allows each intervention to be managed in the best possible way.

This production chain therefore includes all the internal staff and a careful selection of suppliers identified by quality, as well as by technical and financial capacity.


Our direct involvement in every phase of the work, the organization of human resources, technologies and materials, interpreting changing needs, offering clear answers to customer requests that need a dialogue with a single interlocutor and the possibility of personalizing each intervention according to one's own tastes: for us, quality is not an abstract concept, but a concrete objective to be achieved through a rigorous, careful and patient method.


An extreme attention has always been paid to the safety of our employees and collaborators.

The prevention of risks deriving from work activity for the safety and health of workers is scrupulously pursued through all precautionary devices, but also through the constant and effective training of our workers.

Social and environmental responsibility

HABITO has made sustainable development a strategic priority since its founding. This commitment concretely addresses the ethical responsibility of businesses in general, along with the distinctive role in society played by HABITO.

Our long-term commitments yield tangible benefits for society. HABITO views protecting the environment as not simply an obligation, but an imperative and a source of competitiveness. It is imperative because the long-term success depends directly on preserving and respecting the natural resources used to make their products. At the same time, this policy drives competitiveness, because taking environmental factors into account in our production processes makes them more reliable and sharpens our leadership. Our social responsibility is rooted in the fundamental principle of respect for people and their individuality.

This principle guides all our initiatives and practices to ensure that they reflect the highest standards of integrity towards all our partners. All our teams are actively engaged with this approach. Together, we are committed to making excellence a lever for social and professional inclusion in solidarity with our host regions and communities as we strive to cascade the positive social impact of our activities.


We have always focused our interest on environmental issues, systematically implementing procedures that minimize the impact of our activity on the territory.

This desire is not only linked to compliance with the environmental regulations that govern the management of possible sources of pollution, but also to a further strong impetus to the development of a corporate culture attentive in ways and means to the values of improving the environment and correct use of resources.

People and technologies

We have always invested in two strategic areas: people and technologies.

Our staff is highly-specialized and fully satisfies the criteria of efficiency and preparation suitable for the profile of a leading company that invests heavily in training and professional development.

Fundamental is the human resource made up of specialized and experienced technicians, who are the real soul and engine of the building construction process. Also for this reason our Academy was born which, in full harmony with the desire to always guarantee the best for the customer, is committed to training all the technicians who want to take part in this process.

Ethics and conduct

HABITO has always been strongly committed to exemplary integrity and ethics in the conduct of its business and in its internal and external relationships. Rules of conduct, principles and guidelines governing ethics and environmental and social responsibility have been defined to establish the behavior required of all the team, as well as our suppliers and partners.


code of conduct

The HABITO Code of Conduct is a cornerstone of our ethics and compliance policy. It constitutes a common ethical framework, bringing together the rules that each employee must follow in the performance of their duties: acting responsibly and with social awareness; providing a fulfilling work environment and valuing talents; commitment to protect the environment; winning the trust of customers and acting with and commitment to integrity in the conduct of business.


code of conduct

HABITO attaches great importance to ensuring that its partners share a set of common rules, practices and principles with respect to ethics, social responsibility and protection of the environment.

HABITO therefore requires its suppliers to respect the ethical principles presented in the Supplier Code of Conduct and to ensure that their own suppliers and subcontractors do the same in the conduct of their activities for the Enterprise.

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